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A FREE TO JOIN & USE Database of 1940's Re-Enactors & Dancers,Vintage / Historic or Military Vehicles Worldwide
Administered by The Debbie Curtis Radio Big Band
Putting the BIG back in BAND! www.debbiecurtis.co.uk

Are you a 1940s or WWII Re-Enactor or Re-Enactment Group, Dancer or Dance Group, Vintage or Military Vehicle Owner etc?

Register with us now and when we are in your part of the world we can invite you to appear on stage or at promotional events with The Debbie Curtis Radio Big Band as part of Debbie's exclusive Hobsons Choice Dancers & Re-Enactment Team! Your details may also be passed on to specific or relevant enquiries such as television programme casting agents etc

Are you looking for 1940's Re-Enactors or Dancers for an event, film , TV Programme etc, if so then please contact office@debbiecurtis.co.uk. We also have Vintage and Military Vehicles available.

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Thank You

Dear all

With an article in this month's Skirmish and our new on-line booking facility up and running (courtesy of the talented Chris Skinner of the Erpyngham Retinue), I thought that you won't mind this shameless plug for our forthcoming Grand Historical Bazaars, at Wimpole Hall Cambridgeshire on 18-19 April and Rufford Abbey Country Park, Nottinghamshire, on 25-26 April. 

Both bazaars (which are supported by Skirmish) have already generated enormous interest and all over the country, it seems that re-enactors are turning out their cupboards and getting their spare or unwanted "stuff" together to offer for sale! Indeed, this is the simple idea behind the bazaars - to facilitate the selling and buying of the huge amount of spare or no longer needed historical "stuff" that most re-enactors have tucked away at home. Indeed, the original impetus behind all this was for me to shift mine! Stall holders can not only sell their spare items, but also browse and buy other peoples' goodies, including new items on sale from traders. Even if it wasn't a difficult economic period, its a sensible and fun way to help the re-enactment world circulate all their stuff! But with money being increasingly tight, there probably isn't a better time to do this.

What can you sell? Well, absolutely anything so long as it is historical or historically-themed (except Nazi Party and SS items, best left for militaria fairs, especially as the public will be out in force). Come in kit, set up your stall and if wished, set up a living history tent behind your tables/rugs etc - no car boots though, these bazaars are designed to look good too. But if you don't have a period tent, there'll be a special area for modern gazebos too.

Pitch fees are deliberately ridiculously cheap (our objective is not to get rich quick, but primarily to assist re-enactors). There's overnight camping available to stall holders, and both venues are extremely attractive, with good facilities. Groups booking stalls are welcome to set up living history displays too if wished (for example, we already have Vikings booked in to do this at Rufford, and Napoleonic Redcoats at Wimpole).

You don't need to book to have a stall, you can just turn up on the day (but note the times please, on our web site) - however if you do book & pay in advance its dead easy (either on-line or by post), you get a discount, and it helps us plan our layout. And if you would like a space in the marquee, pre-booking is probably only the way to get one as spaces are being snapped up.

For full details and booking form please check out www.eventplan.co.uk/WimpoleB&B09.htm and www.eventplan.co.uk/RuffordBB09.htm

I'd be most grateful if you could circulate this as widely amongst your members and friends as possible. The more who come, the more "stuff" we can all browse through and so the better these events will be for everyone!

All the best

Howard Giles

EventPlan Limited

1 King Street



LE12 7LY

Tel: 01509 815645

Mobile: 07779 340108

Web site: www.eventplan.co.uk

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Debbie Curtis' Hobsons Choice Re-Enactors & Dancers often appear with The Debbie Curtis Radio Big Band at 1940's Events & 1940s Dances, WWII Events, On stage as part of the touring show & at promotional events.